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Therapies like Radionics are described in different ways - Alternative Medicine, Complementary Therapies & Holistic Health. They are simply different names for the same thing. I prefer Holistic Health as it references the philosophy it’s based on, Holism. But what does it mean? Here are some core principles common to all holistic therapies:



Treating a person, not a condition or symptom. We have many inter-connected & inter-independent levels of experience (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual). Holistic health is interested in engaging and working with all of them. Treatment is geared to opening up and deepening communication between different levels so they can all work together. ‘Getting your ducks in a row’ is a good image for the synthesizing, integrating, unifying intention of holistic health.


The body-mind has many levels of intelligence. Not only is there native intelligence in every cell in the body, we have conscious, subconscious and unconscious intelligence, rational & creative intelligence, as well as dreams, mystical experience, psychic perception, imagination, gut feeling and intuition. Age, gender, social, economic, political and environmental factors are also important. Only in considering the impact of ALL these factors can you get an accurate picture of a person’s health.


Our experience is interconnected. Physical illness affects our emotions - very few people who are ill are in a good mood. Emotions affect our mental state - feeling too upset to concentrate. Mental stress affects our body - getting a tension headache. And we know spiritual angst affects our emotions - not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. In fact, it would be far more difficult to prove our different levels of experience don’t affect each other!


People are like pies. A pie is a mixture of different ingredients, just like us. Once mixed, they’re inseparable, just like us. We are complex bio-psycho-social-spiritual pies with many interrelated and inseparable ingredients. You can’t cut a slice of flour or sugar or fruit from a pie. One slice doesn’t go stale while the others remain fresh. Similarly if we feel ‘stale’, the dis-ease affects all the other levels. We may not feel as integrated or blended as a pie and this is the goal of holistic health, to help us regain our wholeness.


Wholeness means all of life is whole in itself, yet part of something bigger (atom -> cell -> body -> family -> tribe -> culture -> nation -> humanity -> planet -> solar system -> galaxy -> galaxy group -> super-cluster -> universe -> multiverse -> cosmos -> ?)


                    3 min. video - the vast scope of the ‘body’ of existence, the wholeness we call the Universe.












As with pies, our ‘ingredients’ create a whole person greater than the sum of our parts. However we might analyze or sub-divide a person, it still leaves an intangible element that binds us together and makes us whole - Consciousness. We all have perceptions and awareness of self, others and the world around us. Our consciousness is unique, defined by our perceptions & life experience; it determines what we pay attention to, what we find meaningful and what we ‘know’. Consciousness can expand to be universal in scope, or remain narrow, blind to what it cannot ‘see’.



We often talk about it, having low energy, high energy or no energy, but what is it? Energy is the variable capacity in all forms of life. Energy is life expressing itself. It’s the fuel for action, reflection, awareness, focus, motion, expression, connection and much more. All forms of life constantly use energy - absorbing, building, using, conserving or expending energy.


Holism views illness as the result of stagnant blocked energy. Detoxing, clearing, releasing and removing toxins & blockages helps us rebalance our energy and boosts self-healing.



Holistic health is a non-mechanical model. The body is not viewed as a machine that breaks down. Disease results from dis-ease, internal stress that weakens our self-healing mechanisms and interferes with self-regulation. Holistic treatment does not fix people or problems; it aims to reduce internal conflict & stress. This helps the body-mind to re-assert itself and return to its natural state - health.


This is a traditional medical term to describe the body’s innate tendency towards equilibrium and self-regulation. We are constantly balancing our needs and environmental demands. Health is the result of keeping this balance and illness results from prolonged imbalance. If stress and conflict is the cause of dis-ease, the ‘cure’ is restoring ease to cellular and psychological levels. Homeostasis is key to maximizing self-healing potential. A body at ease is a body in balance; it will detox, repair and re-build itself back to health!


Individualised Care 

Health care is most effective when it addresses each person as a unique individual. In our increasingly automated world, the frustration of not being seen, heard, valued or respected is rampant. Holistic health is a natural antidote to this depersonalization, providing listening, acceptance, respect and a real concern for the client’s welfare. It’s geared towards providing quality time for consultation, treatment and customer care.


This respect for individuality means no one particular therapy will benefit everyone. Responsible holistic practitioners don’t demonize medical treatment, denigrate other practitioners, require exclusivity, and make exaggerated claims or up-sell clients for profit.


We don’t have the same make-up, the same interests or the same needs. Go with your gut, experiment and discover what’s right for you. There’s always something you can do to boost your health, exploring different modalities will tell you what that is. The only thing that’s good for everyone, is for everyone to be good to themselves.

Empowerment & Self-Care 

Self-healing is rooted in these two concepts. Having the will and desire to look after yourSelf is the essential first step to creating a healthy life. We need to care about ourselves as we would someone we were in love with.


Handing over response-ability for health decisions is a kind of self-victimization. What seems the easy way can often feel frustrating and disempowering. We need to have our own best interest at heart, decide for ourselves, and find meaningful self-care strategies. We need to be worth it!


This kind of authentic empowerment is rooted in response-ability, the idea we co-create our reality. Reality is awareness, awareness is knowledge and knowledge is subjective. Reality is personal, subjective and internal. This is not to encourage blame & judgment, but to be aware we are constantly making choices. We make choices all day everyday, some simple, some complex. The more conscious we are, the more empowered we can be. How often do you experience your daily life as a choice, as a free, powerful, authentic, creative act?


 "Our lives are fashioned by our choices. First we make our choices. 

Then our choices make us."   Anne Frank


Life is not meant to be an abstract or formulaic exercise, sitting around analyzing how it should be, what it’s not, what we don’t have, what we wish we had. Awareness is a powerful tool if we notice how we are Now – taking response-ability for what we are saying, doing, thinking and feeling in the present. An authentic life grows as we attend to the process of our immediate experience.


Playing an active role in caring for our health builds self-awareness, self-affirmation, self-esteem, self-respect and self-love. This naturally builds a sense of personal power. It sends a message to re-mind yourself; you can make a positive impact on your health. In effect, we heal ourselves.

About Holistic Health

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