Radionic Treatment

What Radionics Treatment entails

Just as a radio emits energy as electromagnetic waves, a human body emits electromagnetism we call bio-energy. During a session, clients hold a wire plugged into the Analyser’s receiving aspect, the naturally radiating Bio-energy flowing along the wire into the Analyser. For distance clients or for objects a sample of their writing or a picture is used.


The in-coming energy signals activate nerve endings in my finger-tips. I tune into the specific rates by rubbing the brown ‘stick pad’, a kind of advance kinesiology technique,  which sets up a resonance or vibration frequency I feel and interpret. This is the proficiency I gained in my certification & advanced training - accurately measuring the level of energy a given frequency is emitting. Healthy frequencies are supported & enhanced; unhealthy frequencies are weakened & discharged.


Measuring is done using the Radionic Analyser Katherine Gray designed. The 9 columns of black dials on the Analyser represent 9 dimensions of consciousness, from spiritual through to physical levels. Energy signatures are measured as you would tune a radio to a station. Just as you turn a radio dial to a certain number to ‘tune into’ a station, I tune the dials on the Analyser to measure the amount of energy different parts of the body are putting out (high-normal-low). Katherine created thousands of possible rates to analyse, referring to all aspects of life.

There are 5 rows of dials to use for creating a treatment whilst the bottom row is used to combine them. This frequency  is then charged into a remedy.

Having a Treatment with me

When your energy enters the Analyser, it can be tuned like a radio to any frequency in the body. I can measure the bio-energy level of particular organs or systems, as well as any external energies affecting your health.


You are the transmitter (radio station), the Analyser is the receiver (radio).

Just as you tune a station (frequency 97.5) on a radio to hear the broadcast,

I tune a radionic rate (allergy frequency 65.0) on the Analyser.

If the allergy station is not transmitting in your body, there’s no allergic reaction to measure,


Sessions always begin your health concerns (e.g. fatigue, Candida, pulled muscle, kidney pain, heaviness in the heart, feelings of psychic attack). I analyse how & where your energy is stuck, blocked or out of balance. The good news - whatever I measure and analyze, I can treat. When a measurement is outside the normal, healthy range, I determine what’s causing the problem. After consultation & analysis, the remaining time is spent constructing a treatment.


No actual treatment occurs during a session. Treatment is encoded/charged into pills, which you take daily for 1-3 weeks. These remedies neutralize or ‘tune out’ unhealthy energies, enabling the body-mind to reclaim its self-organizing ability and interrupt the dis-ease pattern. It encourages consciousness to let go of resistance, and shifts power back to the body-mind.


The body has a blueprint for optimum health with all the information it needs to correct itself when out of balance. Treatment re-minds the body to release unhealthy patterns and reconnect with its blueprint for health. This mobilizes the body’s detox & repair functions, self-healing mechanisms are revitalized and the body-mind re-balanaces itself.


Detox treatments are designed to minimize the effect of the unbalanced energies in the body, be it weakness, negativity, infection or toxicity. Boosting treatments are designed to support and strengthen organs, systems, parts of the psyche or subtle energy fields like the aura & chakras. For emergency situations, Broadcast treatment can be sent to a client anywhere in the world using your writing or picture.


Treatment works by peeling back issues gradually, from symptoms down to causal levels. It’s best to honor & work at your own speed. Working too deeply or too quickly can cause or add to trauma, resulting in symptoms reappearing. Serious, long term & chronic conditions usually include multiple issues, so back-to-back treatment is suggested. At most, this would be monthly.