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About Radionics

Radionics developed in California in 1910 with the pioneering work of Dr. Albert Abrams at Stanford University in percussion & resonance techniques for diagnosing illness. He found there to be a fundamental difference between the energy radiated from healthy tissue and that of unhealthy, toxic or diseased tissue.


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The White Light Radionics system is a unique form of Radionics developed by Katherine Gray in London in the 1970’s, and is constantly evolving under her continued leadership. Trained as a Naturopath, Biochemist, Clairvoyant and Shaman, Katherine used original Radionic science to develop an intelligent grounded system, able to address a wide range of  health issues. It covers not only the underlying structure & function of the physical body, but also those of the subtle bodies, our psychological processes & the psycho-spiritual matrix of consciousness.

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White Light Radionics is one of the oldest surviving methods of original radionic science, and the most comprehensive form still in existence. It was designed as a method for peronal & spiritual development, where health & healing are seen as the natural by-products of a balanced energy field. It has the highest integrity, makes no grandiose claims and gets good results. In line with all good health practice, it either works or does no harm.

Underlying Principles

White Light Radionics is a method of energetic analysis, NOT a method of medical diagnosis or clinical testing. The purpose is to help release energetic blockage, rebalance, transform, harmonize, unlock creativity and transcend limitations. As life energies are unblocked or enhanced, the body’s own unique repair and restorative systems re-emerge. White Light Radionics is energy work, aimed at restoring the body to its natural, balanced state - Health.


White Light Radionics is based on the principles of Radiation & Resonance:


  • Everything is in motion, all mattter vibrates or ocillates. This includes everything in our world, animate life forms (people, animals, nature, micro-organisms) and inanimate forms (elements, minerals, structures, machines).


  • The vibrations of matter produce (radiate) energy which forms a unique molecular pattern or bio-frequency, an energy signature. Each signature is totally unique, as a thumb print is to a person. These signatures are constantly interacting, forming larger patterns. The body is a good example - atoms combine into cells, into tissues, into organs, into systems that form a complex energy field, the body-mind.


  • The art & science of Radionics is translating energy signatures (radio stations) into numbers (rates) that can be tuned into, measured and anlysed. Katherine used Mathematics to translate energy signatures into numerical ‘rates’.



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