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Treatment Options

Treatment can focus on your particular symptoms and concerns,

or might be inspired from one of the examples below.

healthy, happy, shiny peope

Healing the Body

  • INFECTION - removing harmful micro-organisms


           General detox                                    common types of bacteria, parasites, fungus & virus

           Candida                                             10 types targeted

           Herpes Virus                                     types I, II and zoster treated; clearing acyclovir toxins

           Lyme, & Brucella Bacteria              insect, tick & animal-related infections

           Mold & Fungus                                 76 types of mold & fungus

           Mycotoxins                                        9 poisons from unhygienic grains, fruit, teas, herbs, vegetables & nuts

           Nanobacteria & Mycoplasma         nano-sized organisms in vaccines & the environment

           Worms                                               17 types from contaminated water, food & insect bites

  • DETOX - removing environmental & medical toxins


           Chemicals & Heavy Metals              43 chemical toxins & 56 heavy metals targeted

           Clearing Medications                        harmful metals, additives & negative energies targeted

           Mineral Deposits & Calcification     8 problem minerals that calcify bones & joints targeted

           Vaccination toxins                             55 vaccines, 40 vaccine ingredients and new gene-editing vaccine technology

           GMO toxins                                        Roundup, Glyphosate & bT, GMO foods, gluten allergy & food sensitivity targeted
           Radiation                                            21 types - UVA, B & C, ionizing, non-ionizing, microwave, X-ray, ELF, nuclear fallout,

         radon, gamma, radio wave, TV, geopathic & medical isotopes


  • REBALANCING - working with specific conditions

  Allergies                                                targeting triggers & underlying causes, desensitizing, restoring natural resistance

  Blood Sugar                                         rebalancing the 3 main hormones, the liver & the pancreas gland

  Body Booster                                       positive energy remedy for a specific organ or system

  Carbohydrate Metabolism                 targeting the enzymes and the 4 stages to convert food into energy

  Flower Essences                                   a personalized remedy selected from 742 essences from around the world

  Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention     bleeding/clots, blockages, vessel constriction, hereditary factors

  Hormone Rebalancing                        51 hormones analysed

  Organ Pathways                                   radionic concept - refers to energy highways between systems

  Miasms                                                  homeopathic concept - the energetic pre-disposition to disease

  'Peeling the Onion'                              clearing underlying layers of dis-ease down to the causal level

  pH Rebalancing                                    acid-alkaline balance & oxygenation for the body or specific organ

  Shock & Trauma                                   energetic debris stored on physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels

  Sports Injury & Accidents                   bone & tissue repair; clearing  stress, shock and trauma from injury sites

  Vitality & White Light Boost               enhancing constitution, metabolism, immunity, organ structure & function

  • ANALYSIS  - Measuring current levels and creating a personalised regime


           Amino Acids                                         24 essential & non-essential building block of protein)

           Personal Product Testing                   testing anything put in or on the body - food, cosmetic, toiletry, supplement.

           Scheussler Tissue Salts                      12 homeopathic, mineral salts for cell maintenance & repair)

           Vitamins & Minerals                            22 vitamins & 20 minerals measured. Personalized program


  • HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES   -  used to enhance the efficacy of a treatment, strengthen general constitution or

                                                            build resistance to an allergen (desensitizing remedy made from an allergen sample)

  • RADIONIC ACUPUNCTURE   -  unblocking and rebalancing the 12 meridians and Du-Ren orbit using Radionic rates


  • RADIONIC CHIROPRACTiC ADJUSTMENT   -  returning vertebrae, an organ, bone or part of the body to its right position

shock & trauma harms health

Clearing Trauma

  • Archetype Fixation Trauma                   clears 12 types of collective, inherited ideas, symbols & thought-forms

  • Aura & Auric Field Trauma                     rebalances auric fields, auric envelope, interfaces & alignment between fields

  • Chakra & Nadi Trauma                           unplugs this false-light Saturn control program   (37 chakras;  5 nadis)

  • Date, Year & Event Trauma                    clears stuck, unresolved energy linked to specific years or events

  • Family of Origin Trauma                         clears imposition from toxic events, dynamics, genetic patterns and karmic debt

  • Electro-Magnetic Trauma                       clears radiation, geopathic stress, lunar sensitivity, unhealthy boundaries

  • Karma & Past Life Fixation                     clears unresolved issues and personalities from other lives limiting health

  • Kundalini Trauma                                    unplugs the body-mind from this planetary-matrix control program

  • Lines of Force Trauma                            radionic concept - rebalances deep energy pathways directing life force

  • Minds of the Psyche Trauma                 rebalances 8 areas of the psyche where specific thought patterns are stored

  • Negative Entity Removal                        clears entities, energy parasites, negative elementals, ET & artificial life forms

  • Pineal Gland Trauma                              unplugs this spiritual deception implant, designed to control access to Higher Self

  • Prenatal & Birth Trauma                        clears trauma from conception, pregnancy or birth process

  • Relationship Trauma                              clears psychic imposition, projection, control patterns, energy draining

  • Soul Trauma                                             clears pre-incarnation Soul issues, separation from Source

  • Travel & Atmospheric Trauma              clears geopathic misalignment, weather disturbance

feeling negative & negative attachments can cause illness

Clearing Negativity

  • Astral Shells                                          clears spirits of the dead

  • Blocking Body Negativity                   fosters isolation, the sound-proof booth, feeling cut off from guidance

  • Spirits of Cancer & AIDS                     clears parasitic entities that attach to those living with the illness and carers

  • Death Entity Attachment                    clears these life-draining entities - Carlos Castenada concept

  • Dark Force                                            clears human negativity  (depression, emptiness, doubt, control, deception, abuse

                                                                       of power, morbidity, negative sexuality, negative spirituality)

  • Elementals                                            negatively oriented air, earth, fire, water spirits and artificial creations

  • Implant Removal                                 clears false light programming & AI technology   * fostering fear, depression, doubt,

                                                                       judgment, separation; suppresses soul memory & creative expression

  • Manipulation & Energy Draining       unhooks the Drama Triangle:  victim - perpetrator - rescuer patterns

  • Negative Energy Toxins                       clears atoxic ttachment residue & psychic attack from the body & auric fields

  • Psychic Protection Remedy                great for energy workers; promotes healthy boundaries

  • Self-Limitation Complexes                  clears self-victimisation mindsets, though forms and patterns

  • Thought Forms                                     clears unhealthy ‘truth’, either self-created or imposed by others

reaching goals & making dreams come true

Dreams & Goals

  • Create more satisfaction in your life. When consciousness is 100% aligned, your hopes & dreams are far more likely to manifest. Like removing rocks from a river, treatment clear blocks and unhealthy patterns, moving you closer to achieving your goals.

How Satisfied Are You?  (1-10)

  • Write an intention to describe what you want.

  • I measure the % of your consciousness aligned with the intention, and create a treatment to clear obstacles and boost alignment to 100%.

  • Any aspect of life can be addressed.

personal satisfaction in business, career,studies, finances, wealth, health, fitness, friends, social life, family, love, relationhip, fun, recreation, service, contribution, personal growth, spirituality &self-esteem

Abundance, Finances

Abuse, Neglect

Addiction, Co-dependence

Authenticity, Honesty

Communication Skills

Control, Manipulation, Victim/Persecutor

Creativity, Self-Expression

Discernment (seeing light from dark)

Faith & Trust

Family Relationships & Patterns

Fate & Destiny

Fear, Anxiety, Guilt, Depression, Sadness

Friendship & Support

Fun & Recreation

Grief & Loss

Habit, Addiction, Obsession

Happiness & Self-Fulfillment

Health, Balance, Stability

Healing Ability

Highest Good & Greatest Potential

Home & Environment

Illusion, Delusion, Ego

Initiative, Follow-Through


Judgement, Prejudice


Magnet for Negativity

Manifesting Goals

Mental Clarity, Focus

Multidimensional Awareness

Openness & Likeability

Passion, Enthusiasm

Personal Growth & Development

Personal Power, Autonomy

Peace Of Mind, Peace Of Heart

Procrastination, Avoidance

Psychic Potential

Psychic Self-Defense

Relationship, Partnership

Self Esteem, Worth, Respect & Care

Self-Healing Potential

Separation, Not Belonging or Fitting In

Service, Impact, Making A Difference

Sex, Sexuality, Sexual Identity

Shyness, Insecurity, Inferiority

Soul Mission, Purpose, Contracts

Spiritual Growth & Development

Stagnation, Apathy

Timing, Synchronicity

Unhealthy Patterns or Beliefs

Work, Career, Business

healhy, happy, balanced pet, animal, cat, dog, horse, bird, guinea pig, rabbit, chicken

Caring for Pets & Animals

  • Like us, animals experience health problems. Often they are physical in nature and cause. But mistreatment, shock, neglect and trauma can produce health problems. If you adopt or take in an adult pet, you may be unaware of your pet’s full history. Abuse & injury can get stuck in an animal's psyche just as it does in a person's. The result may be bad behavior, phobias, skittishness and health problems such as rashes, poor digestion, bladder problems and heart trouble.


  • Using a photgraph or fur sample, I can work with any animal. The treatment frequencies are charged into food pellets or treats to ensure an easy, natural method of administering the remedy. The animal kingdom is naturally aligned with Nature, and in my experience animals are far less resistant to change than we are, and naturally suited to holistic energy work.

houses, homes, buildings, structures, farms, gardens, mountains, lakes, ponds, rivers can be toxic, have bad energy and need to be cleared


  • The Earth and all structures built on it are alive in their own way; they absorb and store energy. Every home, castle, garden, farm, office building, store, beach, mountain, lake and park has its own unique energetic signature.


  • Depending on the circumstances, the energy stamp can be positive or negative, stagnant or energized, happy or sad. It can be multi-layered and remain in a location for hundreds, even thousands of years. We often hear places described as having good, bad or strange energy; there are sad buildings, haunted houses, hot spots, energy vortexes, holy lands, ancient ruins and sacred sites all over the world.

  • The negative or toxic energy can be attached in the land, structure or both, usually the result of war, traumatic events, environmental abuse, toxic dumping, radiation, geopathic stress, violence, negative entities or the mind-set of the people who lived there. The natural world and anyone living there can be adversely affected.


  • I work from photographs to identify what & where the problem is and create a treatment plan to clear it. Treatment is sent via ‘broadcast’, using the picture to anchor and receive the treatment. As the negativity clears, the energy signature resets to neutral and will then naturally re-balance itself with the energies of the Earth.

valuables, jewelry, heirlooms, art objects, paintings, sacred objects, crystals, antiques and second-hand goods can have bad or negative energy and need to be cleaned

Clearing Valuables, Art & Personal Effects

  • Objects, like houses & land, also have unique energy signatures. The more attention or value is placed on it, the more intense the energy signature.  Second-hand, used and antique items will all come with an energetic history. Depending on the circumstances, the energy stamp can be positive or negative, stagnant or energized, happy or sad. It can be multi-layered and remain in an object for generations.

  • For example, heirlooms - grandmother's engagement ring carries the stamp of the maker and that of everyone who wore it since it was made. This can be a precious gift if the imprint is the love & happiness in the family line. But family fighting, divorce, depression, sadness, fear, grief and anger will also collect in the ring over time if the lives of the wearers were troubled.

  • Objects are most likely to have emotional, psychological and spiritual residue, rather than physical toxiciity issues. Using a photograph or the actual object I am able to clear jewelry, art pieces, heirlooms, machines, crystals, antiques, sacred objects, furniture, statues. This resets the energy signature to neutral. The object will then begin again to absorb the energy of its environment and owners. It's recommended, after clearing, to imprint it with an intention of your own design in a short meditation. This links you to the object and sets the tone for how it responds.

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